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Linkshell Alliance Info

AerisGainsborogh, Nov 15, 10 12:49 AM.
We have formed a alliance with the LS "Snow Crash". Our ls is the elite endgame ls, where as snow crash is the everyday ls.

Their website is
Members only password is : letmein

Their Vent info is:
Hostname :
Port number : 3798
Password : letmein (case sensitive)


AerisGainsborogh, Nov 11, 10 11:25 AM.
Attention to all current Linkshell members!

Our Linkshell has fallen in the amount of active members over the past few weeks. We went from a rather large player base to just a few elite few.

We need to start recruiting active members who are any rank as soon as possible because it is in my interest to turn this linkshell into a "Company" come december!

Today the Lodestone dropped a bomb and gave out a whole bunch of upcoming changes and additions, such as:
*The addition of "companies" (player-run guilds)
*The addition of company-owned ships
*The addition of company-owned buildings

It is in my interests to have a strong Company, have our own guild house, an guild transportation methods.

I ask all of you who are still active in the linkshell to give a shout the next time youre in town for new members. I would really like to see this linkshell grow into a company within the next few weeks!!!



Events on hold

AerisGainsborogh, Nov 7, 10 3:13 AM.
Due to the fact a lot of people are playing different games, and are leveling up sub-jobs and focusing on different classes / trades at the moment, all Linkshell events have been postponed until everyone is ready to proceed further.

This does not mean that the linkshell is dead, or in active. This only means a break and is in place to give members who are still active a break to focus on what job they wish to focus on.

Any questions, comments, or ideas on event you wish to organize please feel free to email me and ill set it up.



New Item Donation Policy

AerisGainsborogh, Oct 25, 10 10:28 PM.
Due to the lack of people needing / requesting low level items and limited space on the Guild bank we are sorry to inform you that we will no longer be accepting gear into the Guild Bank in exchange for DKP under the Optimal Level of 15.


Solider Officers

Vent Info has been Updated!

Mister Fury, Oct 25, 10 1:56 AM.
The Vent info has changed. please check the members forum for the updated info.

Mister Fury

The Bank is Open today until Midnight EST 10/22/10

AerisGainsborogh, Oct 22, 10 10:51 AM.
If you have DKP and are desperately needing a upgrade on a item feel free to spend your DKP today!

You will find a list of items under the "Bank" tab on the Home screen, once you're there click on "Misc. Items" and all of the Items that are currently in the guild bank will be displayed as well as the DKP needed in which to obtain the item.

To request a Item please click the "Request" button next to the items name.

Items will be awarded to members who:
Have enough DKP to request the item.
Send their requests in first ***unless there are multiples of the item***,
If multiple members request the only copy of a Item then every members class will come into effect which ever class the item benefits the most will be awarded the Item. ***If the item says "Suits all classes" then the item will be awarded to who ever requested first***

Thank you and happy requesting!


Check the Forums!

AerisGainsborogh, Oct 20, 10 3:55 AM.
Due to website restrictions in the DKP system, the way DKP bids are to be handled has been edited slightly to make this process a little easier.

Please read the forum for more infomation!

Also another Hot Sticky topic to check out is the "Guild Funds" forum that will answer the majority of your questions about the use, and policy of guild funds.

Calendar Updated!

AerisGainsborogh, Oct 20, 10 12:44 AM.
Please check the calendar weekly and sign up for new upcoming linkshell events!

Linkshell Rules

AerisGainsborogh, Oct 19, 10 5:14 PM.
SOLDIER is a active linkshell on the FFXIV server Istory and is currently recruiting new members to fill its ranks! We have a ventrilo server so please feel free to apply, you will find the information in the "Members Sections" of the forums. You are able to and encouraged to contact an officer in game if you have any issues.

Your linkshell officers are Lord Killemall, Mister Fury, Marchief Magestastic, Kymyth Materia and Khaos Strife with your Linkshell leader being Aeris Gainsboro.

The Laws


If you have an issue please contact an officer

2. Respect the officers.
They are reliable and in place to keep order and morale high

3. Have a kind and positive attitude towards other Linkshell members.
Its a game, so lets enjoy it.

4. Helping each other is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory.
Never force or pressure a member to help if he refuses
Linkshell Crafters are not obligated to drop what they're doing to help,
and are free to charge if they choose

5. Participation
Use Linkshell chat if you do not know how to use vent.
Party up, do leve/ or grind.
Be online at least once a week.
If you have another Linkshell make S.O.L.D.I.E.R a priority

If unable to follow any of these laws you will be contacted and evaluated
by all the Linkshell officers. 
Results could be temporary or permanent exile from LS
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